Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vancouver's 125th birthday!

Beautiful Vancouver view on the waterfront.
It's really amazing that the sun shone today!
It was Vancouver's 125 birthday, so I went downtown in the afternoon to check out the events.

At the Jack Poole Plaza, near the Convention Centre, a big sign showed what was happening.

A view to the North West along the waterfront.

The stunning North Shore Mountains.
Yesterday, April 5, was the coldest day on record for that day, for over 120 years.
Skiing on Grouse Mountain will be open until May.
Now if only I didn't have a weak chest...

Alas, the choir wasn't going to sing until after 6 pm, and the cake, which was hidden in a closed tent, wasn't going to be cut until 6:45 pm, and although I was wearing my winter jacket and my warm hat, I knew I couldn't last for another 2 hours. Robert isn't interested in these events, and I didn't wish to stay there alone, so I left.

A view from outside the Central Library branch.

The Vancouver main library.

The Hotel Vancouver, where Robert and I stayed on the first night of our honeymoon.
Do you see that blue sky and those pink trees?
I think Spring has arrived, but it's supposed to be down to 2 degrees C tonight.
I'm so glad the torrential rains stopped for this special day.
I bought Timbit donut holes on my way home; we ate those for our "birthday" cake!


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