Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday May 2011

I'm posting this for Tasty Tuesday, as these days I'm always behind. (sigh)
Here's Robert trying out our brand new grill for Victoria Day on Monday May 23.
Truly I can't believe it's nearly June as we still haven't had spring! The weather is ghastly and cold with tons of rain. The only thing that likes the rain is the grass, as you can see in the background!
Anyhow, we love our new BBQ. Robert patiently basted chicken wings and drummettes, chicken thighs, and lots of steak. It was superb.

We also had corn on the cob which was very tasty.
I made my 7th heaven layered salad. There were fresh lily of the valley flowers from the garden, another thing in nature which enjoys rain!

Leona added buns and the drinks.

My Mom brought pieces of store bought desserts, as we can't manage to eat a whole cake anymore.
Leona decorated her piece with flowers from the garden.

The number says what? No, it can't be...

I took my number off. Tee's truly wonderful to be celebrating another birthday, even though mine isn't until the middle of June. I like these photos as they are a tad blurred and don't show any wrinkles!
It was a nice holiday, as the son and Leona's sons also came over and helped us eat the food. Kelsie was extremely happy as she was fed little tidbits.

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