Friday, July 22, 2011

Another delicious meal...

Doesn't this look good? Matthew made the chick pea salad on the left.
I'd never tried chick peas; they are quite good. He added sliced purple onion, chopped yellow squash, and chopped orange pepper, plus a dash of olive oil. He made up the recipe.
 It was very refreshing along with my butter chicken, basmati rice, Naan bread, and corn on cob. Yummy!
We eat very well at the House of Houben.


Jacqueline said...

Dear Queen of the Chick Pea...
Happy you are as healthy as can be! I had to smile, I've been traveling to farms from Lynden to the Skagit valley buying up fresh fruits, berries, dairy and garlic yesterday! I forgot that fresh out of the earth garlic is strong. I posted today on FB about my home no longer smelling of roses but of garlic! Green beans and garlic last night could have made a horse pass out!
Happy summer...perhaps it is finally here!
Alls well down here, Len on a 10 day vacation but we're just staying local and doing day trips.

Helen said...

Yummy! I want the recipe for all that.