Monday, January 9, 2012

Lunch at my friend, Isabelle's house...

Yesterday, we visited with my Chatty Cathy/Bleuette collecting doll friend, Isabelle, and her husband, Walt, in their lovely home, for a delicious lunch. We were supposed to get together for a Christmas gift exchange just before Christmas but I caught The Thing in the throat, so it was cancelled.
It was so nice to go out for Sunday lunch, though.
That's a real treat for us.
This first photo shows a gorgeous doll which one of Isabelle's friends gave to her recently.
In the Christmas photo the little girl is receiving this doll for Christmas 1949.
She is marked "American Character" on her neck.
Isn't she adorable?

Here we are about to eat the delicious lasagne, Caesar salad, Garlic bread and chicken drumettes.
It was very delicious! Isabelle is a fine cook.
That's her husband, Walter, at one end, Isabelle at the other, and Linda P and I.
Robert took the photo.

And here we are with our lovely Christmas gifts, which were dolly related.

This is Isabelle's aunt and uncle. Her aunt is her Dad's sister, Dorothy, and the man she married is Ed Ingalls, who is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder! Isn't that interesting?
As you know, I'm currently hosting a Little House challenge at the BSC sewing group, so I was delighted to discover that Isabelle is related to the Ingalls family by marriage!
It's a small world.
We had a really nice visit catching up, and looking at Isabelle's lovely dolls.
My camera battery was nearly dead, so I neglected to take other photos.
I love Isabelle's doll room.

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