Monday, February 20, 2012

Memory Monday....the days of the great nerf wars!

Matthew's cousins were over for pizza in February 2002.
This is what our dining room used to look like!
In those days we enjoyed Pizza Hut pizza, but have since crossed the line of taste to Boston Pizza!
Colin (on left), Matthew, Robert and Paul.

The cousins in Matthew's room. They enjoyed nothing as much as the Great Nerf Wars.
Our walls still need to be repaired, and there is one shrivelled nerf bullet still hanging from the skylight. Sigh...

They used to have such fun!

Tee hee...boys being boys.
Somehow I sort of miss those days.

My Uncle Bob and the boys great uncle.
(youngest brother to my Dad)

Matthew's 13th birthday, celebrated at my parent's home.

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