Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pink Saturday...a new friend!

It's time for Pink Saturday and another doll post.
You knew that, right?
This is my fifth doll in 2012 and the best one yet!
I discovered her in an antique store downtown. (Salmugundi West at 321 W Cordova Street)
My two friends and I were on a shopping excursion on Wednesday and we went downstairs in a creepy creaking basement where there were quite a few dolls. We were in a hurry so we didn't ask the shop lady to open the glass cabinet where this doll was, so I went back on Thursday to look at her, and as soon as I picked her up, I knew she wanted to come home with me.
I went and had a cup of coffee at Waves coffee house, while thinking about it, then went back and bought her. She is an Armand Marseille and she is my very first antique doll.
She has the shoulder plate and is marked "Germany 370" on it.
She has a leather kid body, stuffed with sawdust, and all her fingers are intact.
She may have replaced feet. I need to take a photo of her naked.
I'm very excited to have one antique doll in my collection!

I found this on my ramblings online.
Isn't she cute?
Have a wonderful pink day. I meant to post more about Spring, which seems to have sprung here, but I've run out of time!

By Loretta Houben


jenann said...

What a find! She seems to have settled in and taken over the laundry duties already - I could do with her help.
She's great. My mother gave me one that had been hers when I was a child and I was terrified of her! Strange how our tastes change as we get older. Does yours have real, old-style ball joints?

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Loretta, What a great new friend you found. I'm sure she'll add a lot of companionship for you and your other gals. Enjoy!! She's a beauty.

If you have a chance, please visit my blog, I think you'll enjoy my head pics and some of the posts.



Nancy said...

She is just lovely. Congratulations.

Shelley said...

She is so lovely...blessings

Loretta said...

Jenni, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but you don't have any postings so I'll answer you here, just in case you read it. I love my doll. She has a kid leather body and sits up very well. She isn't ball jointed. I don't know much about these dolls.

Linda said...

She is just darling! it is amazing how similar she is to the one with the wash board!!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

She truly is a beauty!!