Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our 30th anniversary getaway! April 3 - 4, 2012

I told Robert it looks like we are somewhere exotic, and he replied "We are!"
This is at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal on April 3, 2012.

On board the Spirit of British Columbia.
One way with a car and 2 people is now $82.00.
It's a 1 1/2 hour cruise.

In front of the Beaconsfield Inn in Victoria, a superb B & B.

The front hallway.

The McClure Suite, where we stayed.

The lovely fireplace.

The James Bay teahouse where we had lunch.

The tea was hot and delicious, but the scones were awful; cold and dry.

The fireplace with the 2 hour burning log.

In the library at night. I just LOVE this room.
We had a wonderful, relaxing time on the Island.
I'll post more photos in Part Two.

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Nancy said...

This looks like a wonderful trip! Beautiful accommodations and lovely scenery. Happy Anniversary, belatedly.