Friday, June 29, 2012

Ashley's graduation

My niece, Ashley, graduated from Pacific Academy High School last evening.
The ceremony was very long, but the first part was a lot of fun, seeing as Ashley's surname
 begins with B. We had fun, too, admiring the all the girl's shoes!

Ashley and Grandpa and Grandma.

Ashley won a $5,000 scholarship for SFU.
She plans to study science.

Marlene, James, Ashley and Dan.
Marlene and Dan are from St. Louis. Marlene is my younger sister.

Ashley in her gorgeous dress for the grad banquet.
It's hard to believe she is all grown up!

Ashley and Grandpa.

Ashley and her parents.

Father and daughter.

Mother and daughter.

Brother and sister.

We wish you all the very best in the life ahead of you, dear Ashley!

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Helen said...

Ashley is so beautiful in her grad. gown.