Monday, June 25, 2012

Memory Monday...Brutke/Gusa History

One thing always leads to another.
I was looking for something online, and I stumbled across a farm for sale in the Eola Hills in
Amity Oregon. This is where my Mom was born, and the picture below shows the old homestead to the right of the picture, off the SE Eola Hills Road. How I loved driving up that road from Amity in the hot summers of my childhood, without any air conditioning! I used to get so excited as we rounded the curve. In the picture above, you will see SE Gusa Road. I was doubly excited when I discovered this yesterday, as I never knew a road was named after my ancestors! This is so neat for me. I asked my Mom about it, and she said, oh yes; it was named after Grandpa Gusa (my Mom's mother's parents) because they built their house there, and a road had to go through.
My next mission is to find out the name of the creek which ran through the property.

Here is the old farmhouse, pictures taken in 2003 after my Uncle Ed Brutke passed away.
This is the long gravel lane which ran down from SE Eola Hills Road.

My parents and I on the front porch.

The side view of the farmhouse.

This is the trunk which my Grandma Helen used when she immigrated to the USA in 1910.

Matthew standing beside the wood burning stove.
I wish I could go back into the past again!

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