Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great uncle Emil Gusa

Here is great uncle Emil Gusa.
You pronounce his first name like this: Ay-mee-al. 
Not M-ee-el.
One day I'll get the hang of German!
This photo was taken around 1913. 
This is my Grandma Helen's brother.
My Mom kept asking me if I'd found the cassette tape with Uncle Emil talking on it, being interviewed by a relative back in 1975.
So I went looking for it last Saturday, and spent over an hour taking notes from it.
Uncle Emil sounded like quite a character.
Robert said he might be able to turn the cassette into a sound file for the computer, and he could put it on YouTube. Leona suggested that if any relatives wished to hear Uncle Emil's voice, I could password protect the YouTube clip and have the relatives send me a new photo I'd never seen before.
That sounds like a great idea to me!
Once I'd received the new photo, I could then let them access the YouTube file.
I would dearly love to see more photographs.

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