Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our trip to Barriere BC, Part two

Closeup pictures of a tiny portion of Dad Houben's Harlequin collection.

The chair where Dad used to sit and hand out hymn books at his church;
St. George Catholic Church in Barriere.

The front of the church with carnations, Dad's favourite flowers.
He used to bring one to Mum each time he visited her when he was dating in the Netherlands.

Close up.

Robert, me, Margaret and Wim.

Leah, Kevin and their family.
(Leah is one of Sylvia's daughters)

Wim, Merina, Antoon, Robert, Sylvia, Margaret.

The whole clan, including friends of Antoon and Ruthie's boyfriend, Sam, plus
Father Donal O'Reilly in front.

Fred Azu, Merina's ex-husband, who kindly provided us with lovely hymns and songs
during the lunch afterwards.

The delicious food provided by the seniors center in Barriere.
Antoon baked the waffles.

View from the hall.

Robert and I went to an antique store 5 minutes drive down the highway after the funeral.
Each time we visit Barriere we stop here.

Inside the antique store. I bought 2 books, a 1910 nickel, and a cloth picture of Czar Nicholas II.

A very old washing machine.

Look out! I have an ax!

A beautiful sunflower by the antique store.

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