Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (and my 800th post!)

Halloween night...and this is my 800th post!!!!
I find it rather hard to believe. You know I adore blogging.
I never write in a paper journal anymore.
My sister, Leona, asked me the other day:
"What happens to your blog when you die?"
Hmm...I honestly don't know. Do you?

This is myself 100 years ago, reading a frightening tale on Halloween Eve.

I'm not sure why this says Oct 30th. 
Isn't that hilarious?

I love vintage postcards.
I found these images online and spruced them up a bit.

This is a scan of a plastic Halloween bag.
I filled up 65 of these for tonight's trick or treaters.
We used to have paper ones similar to this when I was a kid.
The neighbour's would give us huge, full sized candy bars.
It was fabulous. Mrs. Perry always gave us peanuts, and that wasn't so fabulous...
Happy Halloween, and if you are the FIRST to post here, you will win a special gift for reading my 800th post. Don't worry, it won't be spooky.


Shelley said...

I found a pack of vintage paper bags to fill up for my trick or treaters here at my home though..I am to far out of town :) Blessings

Linda said...

Happy 800! We have had a ton of kids, I expected very few would come out in the monsoons but these west coast kids are used to needing an ARK to get around! Happy Halloween!