Friday, December 7, 2012

Our mini Christmas trip...part 3...Underground Seattle!

This is the magnificent bar in the place where Robert and I met with around 150 other people in Pioneer Square, Seattle on Dec 1. I've never seen such a bar. But then I don't frequent them.
The tour guide spoke for 15 minutes about Seattle's early history. I'm not going to repeat it here but it's quite fascinating.

Pioneer Square with the bust of Chief Seattle and an old part of the original square in the background.

Looking up at the first neat building we entered for our tour.
It all took place in 3 sections underground. I didn't know exactly what I was getting into...
The above opening is now a door, but was once a window on the second floor.

Underneath the above building. Very spooky and the smell was overwhelming; damp, moldy, gross.

Me about to exit out of the building, to the right along the "outside" but underground.

And here is the building shown up above, and the first one we entered and went underneath and to the underground sidewalk.

The back of the building. Robert is standing by the door where we exited and came up for healthy fresh air! I felt claustrophobic but very adventurous. I've never been on such a thing in my life.

Various items seen underground.

Underneath a sidewalk grating. You can see these in downtown Vancouver too.

The door to a bank vault where many robberies took place during the Klondike gold rush.

Another view.

Robert by an ancient door.

The top of the grating shown above.

And here is a "Crapper". Google it if you don't believe me, but the first person to invent the flush toilet was Thomas Crapper from England. That's where we get the word "crap" from. Crap majored mightily in Seattle's early history. Twice each day the tide would roll in under the street level and surge up through the sewage system and erupt up through the toilets, so they had to be built on a high area to miss the surge. Once the city burned heavily in 1889, the streets were raised block by block, so this was no longer a problem.

After all the excitement of sewage and underground history we went across the street for lunch in the above building; the oldest restaurant in Seattle.

This is what it looks like inside. We shared a pulled pork sandwich; yummy...

In another part of downtown Seattle, at See's Candies where I bought a box of chocolates for my parents. My Mom said that her brother, Ed Brutke, always bought her a box each Christmas. They are really delicious.

Inside one of the malls close by.

Later that evening, before heading out for supper at Claim Jumper's.
We had a nice break, except that Robert felt extremely tired and unwell. We think it was due to his flu shot he got a week ago. It sometimes reacts with him this way.
Anyhow, it was so nice to taste a bit of Christmas joy away from home! I love road trips!
Thank you, dear hubby of mine. 

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