Friday, February 22, 2013

Genealogy 101... what I'm up to these days.

I haven't checked out WorldVitalRecords for a while!
I've had two awful migraines this past week, which tend to slow me down in the research department. I missed my local genealogy group meeting on February 12 due to an upset stomach. So this month is slow for me in this area of my hobbies, but I'm doing well in my sewing job! I'm trying to stick to sewing doll clothes for extra cash this year, in order to save up for a trip to Hawaii sometime soon. So this year, 2013, my two areas of concentration are sewing and genealogy research.

I go to the downtown Vancouver library about once a week, and to the Metrotown Burnaby library once a week, and I'm reading tomes of genealogy books, and a lot of magazines.
I realized this past week that I've actually written a great deal about my Brutke, Gusa, Palmer and Williams sides of the family on this blog! I give each of my posts a label so it's very helpful to find the topic again. Blogger is a fantastic tool to use, and all for free! I just love it.

Last Saturday I took a field trip by myself while Robert was at a Scouting function and I went to Daiso, a wonderful Japanese dollar store way out in Richmond. It took me 45 minutes by subway; not too bad. I brought along my shopping cart and filled it to the brim with lovely items to use for my genealogy hobby. Daiso makes neat, functional and also pretty binders which have plastic sleeves, for only $2.00 each. I bought some that have 40 sleeves, and some that have 30 sleeves.
Last night and this morning I copied all the Palmer/Williams articles which I've written on my blog to date, and saved them all in my Word program. Then I printed off 2 copies of everything; one set to keep in my own binders, and one set to send to my aunt Ruth, sister to my Dad. I bet she will be very surprised to get it, and I hope she enjoys reading what I've discovered so far.
One thing I like to do once I've found a clue is share it! I can't keep anything to myself. It's so exciting to find clues online about my family! Aunt Ruth and I talk on the phone occasionally and she shares family memories with me. She lives in Vernon so I haven't seen her in a while.
Anyhow that's what I've been up to this week! The articles look really neat in a binder.

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