Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A happy 10 years friendship!

My doll collecting friend, Linda Pepa...10 years ago today!
We met at Metrotown Mall after chatting in an online Yahoo Chatty Cathy doll group for a few months. We discovered we shared the same hobbies and that we lived 20 minutes drive apart, so we decided to meet in person and see how things worked out. 

Me in the old food court, long gone; it was transferred to the other side of the mall, about one mile away. Ha...ha...not quite, but it's a very long walk indeed. I preferred this food court but I like things to stay the same if they work. This food court was half as crowded as the current one now is. Yogen Fruz, seen in the back, is the only thing still left intact.
Linda's 3 Chatty Cathy dolls are on the left; my Natasha, the brunette pig tail is on the right.
Linda and I had made Easter dresses which matched, without knowing what the other was sewing!
We took this for a good sign of things to come, and it seems we weren't wrong.

Today we had lunch at the Stone Grill, a new restaurant in Metrotown Mall. It was really delicious! Plus it wasn't noisy like the present food court. Natasha still looks the same but I don't know about myself...although I chose to wear lavender like I did 10 years ago.
The really funny thing is that Linda also chose to wear lavender and we both didn't know it until we met! We have a lot of the same tastes so I think that's one of the reasons that we have remained friends. That and Linda is a really sweet, kind and caring person. I'm so glad she is my friend!

Linda and one of her darling Chatty Cathy girls, purchased at the Puyallup spring fair a few years ago. I didn't recognize her; she is a beauty. Linda has a real knack for making her dolls gorgeous.

Mmmm....our delicious lunch! I had pulled pork panini sandwich which are all the rage around here lately, and Linda had a hamburger. I really like the Stone Grill and hope to come back soon.

This is just too funny! The old food court washroom was renovated over a period of 6 months, and the results are amazing! There is a little nook with a FIREPLACE and a TV above it, of all things!
We had to snap some photos...Linda has a thing with washroom photos...

Isn't it stunning?

Well, it was a very lovely day. And it was sunny and warm, and the mall had the A/C running! Last week I wore my down winter coat and gloves, and today I had my thin spring jacket. Just heavenly.
Here's to 10 more years!


Linda P said...

Oh my too funny..."Linda has a thing with washrooms" ...lolol. We will not tell anyone about how many pictures I have of beautiful California ones...shhhhh....lololol.

Simply Shelley said...

Love your friendship two are surly Kindred Spirits :) Blessings

Helen said...

Lovely story. You two are kindred spirits alright. But where in Metrotowe is this washroom? I haven't seen it. Fireplace? Really?