Monday, June 24, 2013

Harrison Hot Springs Women's Retreat June 2013

I'm getting around this year! I thought June would be calm and quiet.
I still haven't posted photos from the Family Reunion trip two weeks ago!
Helen Lee and I decided we should both share a room at Harrison Hot Springs Resort, so we booked our spot in May, through Willingdon Church women's ministry group.
The price was $255 each, and including 4 meals, workshops, and our room.
Helen and I go way back, having met in high school in 1974!
Helen was invited to Willingdon Church on Easter Sunday 2012 by a friend in her art class, and she has been attending ever since. I was happy when Robert said he would drive us both to Harrison, as the bus doesn't go that far!

Harrison Lake in the background. There is a hot springs close by, which the local native Indians discovered many moons ago, but the Europeans found out about in the 1800's gold rush through this area. It's so beautiful and quiet here.

The resort where we stayed, in the background.

Helen having fun.

Helen treated us to fish and chips lunch, before Robert headed back home.

Having tea at 4 pm in the lobby. I think I had 3 cups. 
We sat in a different place after this photo was taken, and met some new friends.

Our most lovely room, #149. I had this bed the first night, then Helen had it.
There was a small room off this one, with 2 twin beds. It didn't have a window so it was quite stuffy.

Having a German dinner in the Black Forest Restaurant on Friday evening.
Elaine, me, Helen, Maryanne, Judy, Melanie, and Suzanty. We had a grand time.
Helen and I shared an Austrian Schnitzel which was simply superb.

On Sat morning, I came around a corner and recognized a fellow blogger which I have been following for many years. Lovella S, who has a blog at 
She is now quite famous, having co-written two lovely cookbooks.
It was so neat to recognize her!

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Helen said...

Yup. That is me on the swing. I am a kid at heart.
everything about the weekend was great. The food. the workshop. the friends. Even the weather was fine.