Monday, January 6, 2014

My paternal Grandfather, the actor...1928

I found this online, in the book "Spalding Roots and Branches".
I also have this book, published in 1981 and containing everything you wanted to know or learn about life in Spalding SK at the turn of last century, and through the 1970s.
If you look closely at the above Dramatic Club poster, you will spot my Grandpa's name.
He is the 8th person down, "Knox a writ server", name of Mr. J.G.Williams.
The only way I ever spotted this was while browsing through the actual book, and noting my Grandma's underlining of the name! I wonder how well he acted? 

This part below is from my Grandma, Alma May Williams' memoirs. 
I think it belongs with the above poster, as it illustrates the type of entertainment available in the little town of Spalding Saskatchewan in the 1920s.

"In 1927, I had a most embarrassing experience. Jack took me to a concert, it went on for a while and what a shock I got as I heard the man call my name, he said something like this; “Now Miss Palmer will come and play her piece on the piano”. And here I hadn’t played the piano for such a long time, that it made me almost sick with fear, as there was a hall full of people. Well I went with trembling and played the piece called “Robin’s Return” and I left the middle part out as I had forgotten my music. I can say that was an awful experience for me. Jack had put my name down to play the piano. I could have slapped him. I only hoped that there wasn't an experienced piano player in that Hall. He never told me he had put my name down till after it was over. Written by Alma May Williams in 1977"
By Loretta Houben

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