Saturday, January 4, 2014

The 1972 CrissCross Directory for Vancouver BC.

While at the downtown library branch the other day, I looked up the 3000 block of Kingsway in Vancouver BC. I discovered 3014 Kingsway, where the Apostolic Faith church was located from 1950 - 2001. My Dad, Jack Williams, helped build the church, and was involved in many meetings as a choir member, usher, and seaman worker with the tract ministry. In 1972 David Hunter Garden Shops was located next door to the church at 3030, and I remember peering through the chain link fence at the Sunday shoppers on nice days, in between Sunday School and church.

At 3353 on the opposite side of Kingsway, and past Joyce St, was Clef Music Studio, which I believe was owned and operated by Robert McQuillan who was a neighbour on Monmouth Ave. (He had twin daughters; Sandra and Susie who we often played with) 
At 3355 the Hobby World was where I sometimes went with my Mom, especially after a dreadful dentist appointment. Mom would buy me a small treat from there. 
The Toronto Dominion Bank at 3363 (which is still there in 2014) was where I opened my first bank account in 1970. 

3237 Carleton Bike Shop was where I purchased my first bike in 1979; a Raleigh blue bike which I dearly loved. I used my first bonus cheque from Canarim Investments and I was simply thrilled!

And here is the cream of the crop!
The Wishing Well Gift Shop at 3333 Kingsway was the most delightful shop ever!
It was a tiny shop filled with the most fascinating things. When you stepped into it, there was a step down into the shop, and on the left, near the window, was a marvelous collection of German dolls and their furniture. I loved those dolls. My Mom would often put one in our Christmas stockings. I'll have to add a photo once I find it. On the right side of the shop were household items, fancy ones. For instance, my Mom bought a beautiful lamp with her Dad's inheritance money in the 1970s from this shop. Once I saved up the vast sum of .69 cents to buy a cricket brooch, and the kind shop owner let me have the brooch for FREE! Maybe it had lain there for years. I never forgot it.
So the City Directory has given me a vast amount of memories, just by looking at the page for Kingsway between Rupert and a bit past Joyce Street. 
I don't think that the future generations with their cell phones and online info will ever have as much fun as this.
One more thing: I believe Dr R. Svalestuen was our family dentist in the 1960s, until my Mom in desperation found another dentist in 1970 (Dr. Wilcox). This Dr. S was a terror, with red hair and a temper and my Mom remembers he drank and operated as a dentist while a little drunk. I will have to verify that this is the correct man. (up above with a magnifying glass next to his name). It was no wonder I needed a little treat from the Hobby Shop! I had terrible teeth since the age of 5.
By Loretta Houben

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