Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chatty Cathy dolls with snowdrops...

I haven't blogged about Chatty Cathy dolls in ages!
That's because I usually stick to Facebook.
I'm getting a little tired of FB and wish to blog more often, but I'm also addicted to FB.
The thing about it which is so tiring to my middle age eyes is the fact everything scrolls to the bottom so quickly. It doesn't stay stationary like my blog!
This photo was taken in 2004. The doll in the back of the photo is my original Chatty Cathy.
I used PicMonkey program online (free) to edit both photos.

This is the "vintage" effect. Isn't it cool?
Which photo do you like the best? I love them both.
By Loretta Houben

1 comment:

Betty said...

I've stayed away from Facebook. I don't want to join and have one more thing to try and keep up with.

I actually considered getting rid of my Chatty Cathys and then when I moved I decided to set some of them up in the doll room. I think I'll keep them after all!

I like the second picture! I'm glad you told me about Pic Monkey.