Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I haven't "played dolls" in quite a while.
It's time consuming but really fun once I get started.
I belong to a cute Facebook group called "Chatty Cathy Connection" and one of the leaders organizes events. She makes things fun! Today being March 17th, we posted photos of the Wearing of the Green. Here are 3 of my dolls wearing their green.

The doll on the left is a Canadian blonde pig tail Chatty Cathy doll with glassine eyes from the 1960's.
She was made in Canada by the Dee & Cee doll company. Mattel toy company purchased them in 1964 I believe it was. The Chatty Cathy dolls made here are much sought after, as the vinyl used was superior and doesn't fade like the American counterparts. The face painting is also lovely as are the eyes that were used. The doll on the right is also Canadian, with auburn pigtails and glassine eyes.
She is holding a repro Ginny doll.

I made the dress on the left. The dark green dress was made by Gloria's Goodies on eBay and was a gift from a friend a few years ago. 

The dolls are so happy they are doing an Irish jig.

I made a picture strip using Picmonkey picture program.

I'm not Irish that I know of, however I have paternal grandparents both born in Wales, so you never know....

By Loretta Houben

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Betty said...

Your Chattys look adorable! You must play more often.