Friday, May 2, 2014

American Girl Doll Store in VANCOUVER BC!

For months I knew that American Girl store was planning to open two branches in Canada, one here in Vancouver and one in Toronto. I was so excited! It seemed a long way until April, when it was rumoured that the boutique would open at Chapters/Indigo store on the corner of Robson and Howe Streets. Via the internet I heard the Grand Opening would take place on Sat May 3, 2014.
However I also heard it was by free ticket only; BUT you had to line up at 7 am! Humph. There's no way I'd get up at 5 am and do that. I wonder how big the line ups will be?

I often go downtown to the Central Library on Granville, and I often visit this Chapters book store on Robson to purchase my genealogy magazines. So on Wed April 30 I popped in and lo and behold the store was open! It's located on the 2nd floor where the kids' books are. There used to be a huge section of music CDs and movie DVDs on this floor. Matthew and I loved to visit that section. It's long gone, and close to that place is where AG has set up shop. It's not very large but will serve the purpose.

Directly to the left of the escalators, the bright colours and well arranged displays of AG products jumped out at me! It felt like I was in a dream! In 2006 I went with friends to Los Angeles AG store, which is very large with 3 floors and a restaurant. It was such fun. I bought my very first AG doll, Samantha Parkington at that time. Since then I've acquired quite a few more of the AG dolls and props. So it felt like I was breathing a rarefied type of air when I stepped into this brand new store! Best of all, it only takes me a 15 minute Skytrain ride to get here.

The two staff were very friendly and one took my photo beside Isabelle Palmer, the doll of the year. The historical dolls are not sold here.

Just behind Isabelle's display is the rest of the dolls which are sold here.
They are the My American Girl doll which have a variety of face molds, eye colour, hair colour and style and skin colour to choose from so they look like you. They are arranged in darling scenes. AG props are more addictive to collect than the dolls!

Isabelle has a darling sewing display case. It's large and cute but over $300!

These are the modern dolls. I especially love #13.

The Bitty Babies are so cute.

I especially loved this display. The doggie bath is only $30.

I had a fun time browsing. There were no little girls in the store. I think there will be later in the week, once the store opens officially and everyone learns about it. I bought Isabelle. How could I possibly visit an AG store in my own neighbourhood, and NOT buy a doll? She is really cute and she is the first doll of the year I've purchased. I now have 10 AG dolls!
By Loretta Houben


Betty said...

Do you still display your Chatty Cathy dolls? I recently set mine up again. I have no room for any more big dolls, but I enjoy looking at the AG dolls. Enjoy your new store.

Simply Shelley said...

I told you it would make a great blog post :) thanks so much for sharing. Glad you got to bring home Isabelle...blessings