Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 100 years ago...

One hundred years ago today, August 4th, 1914, Britain entered into the war to end all wars.
Pictured above is my paternal grandpa's younger brother, William Joseph Williams.
I've written a bit about him in past posts on this blog.
Today while browsing the Royal Welsh Fusilier's FB page, I asked a question about something I'd like to add to William's memory box I plan to assemble this month.
A kind reader replied. Here is his answer:

"He enlisted first week in September 1914. The 5 9 1915 date on his medal card is when he went to France. That's the date his battalion (11th) went over. A few months later the battalion went to Salonika. You'll know that he died of wounds on the 22nd Feb. The War Diary states he and two others were wounded on the 16th Feb during a patrol."

Every little clue helps. I don't know how to access the War Diary but it would be interesting to read it and discover these things. William seemed to be very patriotic. Another brother, Robert David, also enlisted, but in the navy. I don't know much about that brother. My grandpa, John Griffith, moved to Canada in 1910. I've never heard any stories of his trying to enlist in the war, and am not sure if he did so and was denied because of poor health. Who knows? No one in his family ever asked him, or if they did, no one told the next generation.

It may be gory to remember war, but I myself will not forget William Williams.

There's a RWF forum I'll have to join!

Here is a link to a WWI war diary, not any relative of mine though.

By Loretta Houben

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