Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A sad day...

This is me, taken in Paris in 2007.
I'll never forget that lovely trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
Today, January 7, 2015, I heard terrible news about Paris.
Twelve people have been gunned down in an office which publishes satirical cartoons.
You can Google for more details.
Has it seemed lately that the world no longer feels safe?
Maybe it's always felt that way, and been that way, and I've never noticed before.
Truly we are in the world, but not of it, as Christians.
(John 17:16)
I did so love seeing the Eiffel Tower!

The crowds were large so we didn't get off our tour bus.
We sure enjoyed bussing everywhere!

Oh the sweet and good memories!
Loretta Houben

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It really does break your heart. I'm praying for everyone affected... and all of us who care. Hugs, Diane