Monday, January 12, 2015

Memory Monday...a special doll!

This past Christmas, 2014, my childhood Chatty Cathy doll turned 50!
I can still remember so long ago when I opened her box the very first time, and saw the top of her pretty blonde head. I screeched! I treated this doll very carefully which is why she is still in such good condition. However, her talking mechanism eventually broke and so she is now mute.
Leona, my little two year old sister, got the Chatty Baby. For some reason, our Dad decided to give her to a friend, Don Neufeld, who promised to repair her. After many months when my Dad inquired, Don told him "Oh, I couldn't fix it at all so I threw it away." Of course we were all horrified; he could have given us the option to keep the doll, but I bet he broke the body and didn't want to return the pieces. Moral of the story: only let an expert touch your beloved doll!
Leona has never forgiven him...
Loretta Houben

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