Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 years ago today: Olympic torch fever!

Five years ago, on February 11, 2010, we were so excited because the Winter Olypmics were about to take place in Vancouver BC. Well, I was excited once the torch relay went through our neighbourhood. Before it all began I wasn't sure about the cost, and our winter weather was non-existent! We are having similar weather this year. It's very warm and balmy, no snow on the mountains, lots of warm rain and the spring flowers and pink trees are bursting into bloom.

Here I am, on Kingsway near Boundary only 5 blocks from our house.
Just as Robert snapped the picture, the torch bearer turned away. But it was still very exciting. There were mobs of people and you could feel the thrill in the air. The Olympic flame was passed along and continued into downtown where the opening ceremonies took place the next evening, on February 12.

The first few days of the Olympics were rainy and overcast, but then the sun came out. It was a wonderful time which I think I'll always remember with great fondness.
I blogged extensively about it. Just click on "2010 Olympics" in the right hand label.
Loretta Houben

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Betty said...

Yes, I remember how excited you were. I always enjoy watching the Olympics. I wonder where the next Winter Games will be? I'm sure I've heard, but can't recall right now.