Monday, July 20, 2015

Paper dolls.

I found this and the paper dolls below on Pinterest.
If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you are in for some eye candy.
Currently I have 53 boards, and 5,712 pins.
I have 643 likes, and 385 followers. Nearly all of them are complete strangers to me!
But it seems we adore the same things.

We've been having extremely HOT weather here in Vancouver BC since May.
It's been the driest, hottest weather ever on record for this stretch of time.
Whew...I've run my A/C unit more than I've ever run it before since we purchased it in 2009.
Tomorrow (July 21) we will go to stage 3 water restrictions, which means no lawn watering, no window washing or washing of property, no car washing, and no pool filling. Wah! 

Everything here is coated in dust. We had a bit of rain a week ago. It was sort of misty though and not a full out Vancouver soaking like we are used to. My hubby loves it as he is half lizard.
I find it interesting but I don't really care for heat. My brain melts into a puddle and I'm very tired.
I can't walk or bike ride. I think I'd collapse if I tried it.

Last evening Robert and I drove to Central Park with Kelsie, and went for a walk under the trees, where it was not at all cool. There wasn't one breeze. It was stifling hot at 8:00 pm. Ugh.
Everything was coated in a thick layer of dust, and tinder dry. I'm sure the torrential rains will return soon enough but for now, it's really weird out there.
By Loretta Houben


Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Paper dolls! So many great memories! I always used to get a set for Easter from grandparents.

Loretta said...

Hi Meg; I love paper dolls, and I still have my original ones. I need to scan them in and post them.