Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joseph and Elizabeth paternal great grandparents.

2015 will mark a fantastic year for me in genealogy research!
I'll begin with the most recent thing. 
I've sent away for Joseph and Elizabeth Williams marriage certificate.
They were married in 1883.
I asked my genealogy group yesterday how to order a certificate, as I knew the volume and page number for it. They told me it was easy to do online; I no longer had to send pounds sterling through the bank and the mail system.

I was totally relieved to hear that!
I searched online and found this site. 
It's the general register office for births, deaths and marriages in the UK.
I registered and filled out the form, paid with my credit card, and it should be here in 7 days!

Because I'm suddenly becoming so successful at family history, I've started a new
Williams/Palmer GENEALOGY BLOG.
Please click on it to find everything in one place.
I've just begun but will be adding more to it as time allows.
By Loretta Houben

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