Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter from 1961 - 1963

Aren't I cute? Of course I don't remember this first Easter at all! I would have been nearly 10 months old as Easter fell on April 2nd that year.
My Mom said I had a bad cold. I love the beautiful chenille bedspread on my parent's bed. I inherited it.

I created this header for my Facebook page this year.
Tee hee...

I just love this picture. My Mom, Susie, is expecting Leona.
She is so happy and I'm so sad. Probably I wanted to eat that chocolate rabbit!
Easter was on April 22nd this year.

And here my wish is granted.
Of all the rooms in this little house at 3496 Euclid Avenue, I remember the kitchen the best. And I remember what it felt like to sit in this high chair! The little table and chair set belonged to my Mom in the 1930's. Her father, Adolph Brutke, painted them blue and white, so my Mom never re-painted them. Guess who inherited them?

April 14th, 1963: our last Easter in this little house on Euclid.
And a little sister, Leona, has come to join me.
She is 11 months old. Isn't she adorable? I love this picture.

Ready for church in our spring coats and Easter bonnets.
My little wooden doll cradle is off to the side.

A more sedate picture.

Ah...the favourite part of the day for me!
That's one big rabbit!
I love the photos my Mom took of these happy times when I was so young. I don't remember them at all, but I love to look at these scenes and see what we were like. The little house is long gone along with all that Easter candy, but as long as the pictures are saved I can get a glimpse of what life in the early 1960's was like, at least in the Williams household!
I tweaked all the photos using the Picmonkey Picture program; I used the black and white option to spruce up each image, and I used the Wrinkle Remover and Clone options to remove dust and speck dots. It's worth it!

By Loretta Williams Houben

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