Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vancouver's 130th birthday: April 6, 2016

Today, April 6, 2016 is Vancouver's 130th birthday.
This photo of myself and Matthew on Vancouver City Hall's front steps was taken 15 years ago in 2001. I had an invitation to attend the ceremony because a short story I wrote was included in the book "Hurricane in the Basement" which was put together for the Millennium the year before, in 2000.
I'm not sure why the city isn't celebrating this year for the 130th. If they are, I haven't heard of any special event taking place.

Myself standing beside the story I'd written which was enlarged on a large poster at the Vancouver Museum. We visited it after the events and birthday cake at City Hall.

The "Hurricane in a Basement" book was laminated and put into a binder in the museum.
They also included a photo in this binder which didn't make it into the actual book due to room constraints. I wonder what happened to this binder?

Another photo of City Hall. I've always liked this building on W 12th Avenue.
By Loretta Houben


Canadian Doll Notebook said...

Vancouver is such a beautiful city. I have enjoyed all my trips there, I hope to be able to return soon to visit!

Loretta said...

Yes, I agree! The only drawback is the expensive house prices. Sigh. But the scenery is beautiful, and if you love rain this is the place for you!