Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This is my beautiful mother, Susan Williams, known as Susie. She was 29 in the above photo. She had a little son, Martin James in Dec 1957 but he only lived for 2 days. Then we came along!
Leona on the left, myself on the right.

Here we are 54 years later!
Leona on the left, myself on the right.
Two more daughters joined us; Marlene in 1965, and Marie in 1970 but they couldn't be with us yesterday when we got together for lunch with Mom.

Leona brought the lovely roses. I gave Mom a pretty nightie and a book about prairie girls in the 1880's and the quilts they made. Tee hee...the book has quilt patterns and I'd love to make a quilt with my Mom. She's always wished to sew one.

My dear Mom and I...I love these blurred photos!
I used my cell phone and a selfie stick. The light was bad, so the photos have an odd old-fashioned look.
Happy Mother's Day, dear Mom.
I'm so thankful for my godly Christian mother who with the help of her Christian husband raised 4 daughters. I'm grateful for a happy childhood filled with laughter and love, and glad I was taken to church where I learned about Christ and His love for us. I never take these precious gifts for granted. Thank you, Mom, for all your sacrifice and love for me.

By Loretta Williams Houben

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