Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another genealogy article written for the RCC newspaper.

I had another genealogy article published in the RCC newspaper this month!
I had missed writing the articles, so came up with this idea on how to solve the mystery of an un-known maiden name. I had thought you needed to find the person's marriage certificate, but voila! You can also find the maiden name on a DEATH certificate! Usually this involves a fee of around $50 but I found out the mystery for FREE thanks to a kind volunteer at the Naicam SK museum.

I had wondered for many years what Nellie's maiden name was.
No one had thought to ask my Grandpa when he was alive, and he died in 1974, so this mystery has gone unsolved for many years.
There are only two photos of Nellie, which was a nick name for Ellen.
The one above which was published in the paper isn't good resolution due to its small size, but it's a photo which has always intrigued me.
I'm thrilled that I cracked the mystery of Nellie's maiden name: EGERTON!
One thing has led to another, and I now have quite a few more clues about Nellie and her life in Canada, plus a few more mysteries.

Here is a copy of Nellie's death certificate, January 6, 1926, age 38.

By Loretta Houben

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