Sunday, April 23, 2017

30 years ago today....April 23, 1987

30 years ago Robert and I bought our first home on April 23, 1987. We had been saving for 5 years. I was 26 and Robert was 28. I felt we were getting quite old. The house was $110,000 and that was the highest we could afford.

 This was the year after Expo '86 and properties were starting to increase in value. When a home came for sale, there were "bidding wars". Many offers were put in at one time. We offered $1,000 more, as our real estate agent s
uggested, and our offer was accepted, plus appliances, as a young pastor owned the house, and he liked us when he found out Robert was an assistant pastor/preacher at the local church nearby.

 We were THRILLED to be home owners! The house was built in 1949 and we thought it was ancient! It needed a lot of work inside, so after living here for 7 years we moved a few blocks away to our present location, to a house which was only 3 years old.

In 2003 the dear old house was torn down, and this is the current value of the property. (taken from the BC Assessment website)

 By Loretta Houben

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Betty said...

Hi Loretta...I haven't been around much lately and couldn't find your E-mail address and decided to try and contact you through your blog.

You remembered the exact date you bought your first house? I'm impressed. I have no idea when we bought our first house...sometime around 1974...maybe. We've had a lot of houses over the years. This is the 7th house...2 in Virginia Beach, VA, 2 in Bartlesville, OK, 1 in Friendswood, TX, and 2 in Houston, TX. I do google the addresses and see how the houses look today. I was able to see the inside of one house because it was for sale.

I wanted to know if you still use PicMonkey? You're the one that told me about it. Four days ago I used it and everything was fine. Tonight I tried and when I went to save my picture a screen comes up telling me to "Save Smarter With Hub" which I think is a photo storage thing and it costs. I'm not interested, but every time I try and save my picture I get that screen. Maybe PicMonkey is no longer free? I'm not sure what's going on. There's a free trial for the storage thing but I really don't need it and don't want to sign up. I'm hoping this is just a glitch since I really liked PicMonkey. I thought I'd see if you were having trouble. Thanks...Betty