Saturday, March 31, 2018

Two weeks without Kelsie.

Two whole weeks without my little dog.
It seems so much longer. 
There are times when I feel okay, times when I feel flattened, and times when I simply cry.
It will take a while for me to get over this.
The photo above shows Kelsie just before the vet put her to sleep. I'd never seen anyone die before. It was very peaceful. Although extremely sad, I was glad to be there until the end for my friend. She loved and trusted us so much. We did the very best we could for her all her long and happy life.

On Good Friday we attended church and had communion, then we went to Costco and got a membership, and shopped a little there. We ate lunch at the On On, one of our favourite restaurants where we had honey garlic spare ribs after 6 months abstinence! Robert really enjoyed that.
We went to Market Crossing where I bought a top for Easter; I can never find a dress anymore. 
We walked in Foreshore Park nearby, remembering Kelsie the whole time as it was a favourite place of hers.
Then we stopped at Mandeville Garden Centre and bought the lovely pot of flowers shown above using money from my parents to remember Kelsie by.
I set up her urn and the lovely cards we got, plus a book I'd made at Shutterfly years ago.
It was a nice little memorial for her, which I showed to Leona when she came by that evening to watch "Call the Midwife". It was a full day. 

By Loretta Houben

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