Monday, June 11, 2007

Got them!

The excitement is mounting. We got our airline and rail tickets on Saturday! I dreamt about Europe last night. I was in a relative's home in Holland, and it was dark and dreary. Everything was plain and brown. The aunt and uncle were very quiet and austere. Hmm...I don't think it will be like that in real life!
I'm wrapping up the little odds and sods now. I need to get my suitcase out and see what I can fit in it. I know I can do this...I've also thought about taking bubble envelopes with me, and sending back flat paper souvenirs to my Dad; things such as newspaper clippings, etc. I think he'd like that.
I'm also going to take envelope stickers with my friends and families addresses pre-printed, so I can just slap them on as I go. One of my friends did that years ago and I was always so impressed!
Can you think of anything else I need to do? Just leave a comment!

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Diane Jones said...

Hi Loretta, Good for you for getting off to such a great start. I know you'll have a wonderful time. Two hints come to mind: In Cardiff, under no circumstances should you miss seeing Cardiff Castle! It's terrific, if it's the way we saw it many years ago! Second hint is about packing: Take a couple of plastic baggies, one for all your receipts so when it comes to filling in customs forms on the plane homeward, you have all the receipts at hand. (Don't pack that!) The other baggie should be for any prescriptions you or Robert might need. Things get lost and authorities don't always believe everything you say. Take copies of prescriptions for all meds and for eye glasses, in case yours get broken or lost and you need to get them replaced.