Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trial run...

We did a trial run the other day. We hauled the tiny carry on suitcases out of storage and filled them up with our necessities just to see if there's enough room. There is! Leona reminded me that we'd taken our carry ons to Florida in 2003, and we managed fine. But that wasn't for nearly a month of travel, that was only one week! However I learned how to do without last July when I visited Anaheim CA and the airline left my luggage behind and I lived quite fine without it for 5 days. It's amazing how little you can survive with!
I am wearing my good walking/gym shoes everywhere, and I've packed a light pair of terry cloth slippers for evening when I know my feet will be killing me. I need to take a pair of sandals but I don't really have a comfortable pair, so I'm stuck. I think I'll be quite sick of the sight of my shoes by the time the trip is over!
I'm also taking 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of Capri pants, 1 skirt, and tops to mix and match with those items. I'm taking 4 pairs of socks, and 6 pairs of underwear. Do you think that's enough? I'm also taking a few souvenirs for Robert's relatives, but they are really light and pack well on the bottom of the suitcase. I can't go empty handed!


Gladys said...

Hi Loretta, hope you are having a wonderful time. Finally got time to read your blog. Will be tuning in from time to time. Ken is doing much better now.

DayDream said...

Loretta...You're so organized. I'd be throwing things in the suitcase at the last minute and discovering that I didn't have enough room, or the zipper was broken, etc. I always enjoy last minute panic. Better to plan ahead. I sent you an E-mail last week. Did you get it? I need some information from you. :) Betty