Friday, June 8, 2007

My travel journal

When I travel, I love to write "in the moment", as I'm experiencing events. I write best with pen and paper, so I hunted for a travel journal that was lightweight and could fit in my purse.
I found one in the dollar store! But the cover was had a morphed head of a scary cat on it, but while contemplating it's size and the light weight of it, I thought, hey! I can alter the front of this cover myself! So I did.
I have a lot of paper to choose from. The only problem was what? I knew I wanted to put a picture of my Grandma on the front. She's 7 years old, and wearing her "pinny". This photo was taken in 1915. Seeing as I'm going to Wales to check out the place where she was born in Cardiff, I thought this photo was an appropriate place to begin. I simply glued the background paper onto the journal, using an adhesive tape by "Stampin' Up", and added the photo with embellishments of stickers, flowers, and a pink velvet ribbon trim.
It gave me a shiver to see the word "Cardiff" on the top sticker, just above the word "dream". Isn't that odd, that of all the words to put on that sticker, someone chose Cardiff?
The above pictures show the front of the journal, and the inside front cover. What do you think? It's my first attempt at "altered art".

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Write 2 The Point said...

Hey Loretta, I love your travel journal, I did one too when we went to Ireland--my favorite thing to do was to write down all the unusual phraseology and road signs that we observed. For instance, In Ireland, the speed limits were painted on rocks! And instead of a lot of written road signs they used pictures. Some of the signs though were written in Gaelic and in English--way cool! I think you will love journaling about your trip.