Monday, July 30, 2007

Liege, Belgium

Mon July 16:

Would you believe I've climbed the steepest hill in Liege? It was ghastly (around 300-500 steps) but was the most interesting thing about the wretched city. For one thing everyone speaks French which I can't understand, for another it's too big and dirty. The station is being rebuilt to look modern. It's 5 pm and we're again waiting for our train. They don't run very often to here. There are hundreds of people always in a rush. We couldn't find any nice shops. We did find a mall to eat lunch in at 3:30.

My face is so flushed Robert was getting worried about me. It's around 30 C and I'm sweating like a hog. Matthew is reading a Times newspaper from the UK. I think I'm rather tired of train travel when the trains are this bad. I think we're spoiled by the Netherlands!

We took the bus into Liege. We visited a spectacular cathedral; Cathedral de Liege. It had an amazing pulpit, all hand carved in dark wood with white statues underneath. What a day...I'm so tired...

This morning at 9:00 Tante Jo came to our B & B with her cart and cleaning supplies and we walked to the cemetery which has no name, and filled up 2 watering cans at the tap and turned to the left and we saw Hub and Theodora's large black marble grave; very nice but quite dirty. We immediately set to scrubbing and cleaning. It looked much better when we were finished! Tante Jo is very industrious. She had the head stone repaired for 400 Euros.

It took us about 1/2 hour to clean and then shw walked back to our B & B with us to say goodbye. I'll really miss her. Matthew slept while we slaved.

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