Monday, July 30, 2007


Tues July 17:

Whew...we found a Thelys (pronounced Taylus) train that had seats! The ride to Brussels was 1 1/2 hours. We whizzed to an info booth and they directed us to a ticket agent who spoke good English and we bought 3 tickets for 45 Euros. We had 2 minutes to catch a small train 2 stops away; you should have seen us run! I was out of breath. A little English lady directed us to the Thaylus top and you should see the mobs of people here!!!

We grabbed 3 baguettes for lunch on board. All food is good here. We boarded our train with 15 minutes to spare so we ate our buns before it left. We have seats on car 7, numbered 21, 22 and 26. We sit in groups of 4. It really feels like an adventure now.

We're sitting at a sidewalk cafe at 3:30 in Paris. We had 2 tiny fruit flans, tea, coffee and milk and it cost 22 Euros!!

I bought hand cream made in France for Leona and something for Marie, in a beautiful dept. store. Paris is fascinating. Tall ancient buildings with statues and iron work. We got to the station at 1:00. We tried to get a bus to our hotel, but gave up and took a taxi, only 7 Euros. Our hotel is very small; no view but clean. The bathroom is claustrophobic! It only has a shower, no tub.

We went for a walk to the shops. Found a nice area near the Champs Elysees. I bought a tiny perfume bottle for Leona. Walked along the Champs. Quite hot! Saw the Arch de Triumph and lots of people. Got on board a tour bus (66 Euros) and saw the amazing sights of Paris. Wow. We all love it here; the buildings are so neat; so many statues, carvings, iron work, beautiful gardens. My feet are killing me; 2 blisters on each heel; very painful...think they came from the heat in Liege. The blisters are on the sides of the heels, not the back. ??

Ate supper in a small cafe. Stores are interesting but expensive. I like most of the clothes but everyone dressed better in the Netherlands. Crashed into bed by 11 pm. Very, very tired!

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gerard said...

I was reading your blog because I was interested if you got on the Thalys, you luckily got on it. How was that experience
Your host Chir from Guesthouse 16 in Heerlen the Netherlands