Sunday, July 15, 2007

A URL link to photos of the Houbens from the past...

Our host gave us a link to the archives in Heerlen: He said there are hundreds of old photos of Heerlen. I can't seem to access it on his old laptop so maybe Margaret or Leona could try, and see what you can find when you type in bicycle shop.
I'm still not homesick. I just love Europe. I didn't think I'd like it so much! It's so quaint and different here. I hope it hasn't spoiled me for England! I'm nervous that I won't like England at all! I feel like I must be part Dutch. I'll never stop talking about them! After all, I did marry a Dutch man!
We are planning to meeet Aunt Jo tomorrow morning and clean our ancestor's graves together. Then we'll go to Belgium. If we don't like it, we'll go back to Maastricht!
I wonder where everyone is. Tomorrow is the last day I can view the comments easily, as when I have to pay for my time on here it's too difficult to do! I can't access my email because I've forgotten my password. Alas.
Take care, everyone. I think of you all a lot. Thanks to all who did leave comments...they gave me a good laugh.
I've written 29 postcards from the Netherlands. I wonder if any of you have received any yet...I'm done with the postcards now. I just have to update my journal which is difficult to find time to do!
Goodnight. The sun has nearly set but it's still quite light out and it's now 9:30 pm.

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Anonymous said...

Well, we had Ashley's 13th birthday party today with her friends (July 15th). We went to see the movie "Ratatouille". It was quite funny. Thankfully it has cooled down here. Last Wednesday it hit 38C in Surrey. It was unbearable. None of us slept that night, including Angel who panted all night and whined to go outside in the backyard. We haven't received any postcards yet. Take care! The Brauns