Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our last day in the Netherlands!

Good morning! It's 7:30 am here, 10:30 pm back home of the day before!
Marie, I'm sorry to hear it's so HOT in your house. 38 C is way too hot. I don't know what it is here, I think it's around 30 C but that's hot enough for me.

We slept with the windows open. You wouldn't believe the noise from the street! A bus goes past every 3 minutes, but between midnight and 6 am it's quiet. When the noise started up again an hour ago I had to get up. Plus it's really stuffy in our room, even with the fan on and 2 windows wide open.

However I am not complaining as it sounds worse in BC! Ashley what does it feel like being 13?

Someone called us last evening around 9:30 when I was washing, already in my nightie. Our kind host has to come up 3 doors from his house, and shout from the bottom of the stairs to let us know we have a call coming through. By the time Robert put his clothes on and hastened down the steep steps, the caller had hung up. Wah!

We hope it wasn't important. PAUL, might it have been you? We hope all is well back home.

When I try to get to sleep at night, I review what we've done the past 12 days here. It's been a lot! This has been just like a happy dream and I'm so glad we were able to come here at last. We've talked about it for 10 years.

I'll write another post as it's easier to read in short chunks. My men are sound asleep.


Linda said...

It is pretty warm here, Loretta, but they are talking about rain tonight maybe and possibly heavier rain on Friday. I was thinking earlier, it is almost two weeks since you left! Time is sure going quickly!I am so happy your dream trip is going so well and that you are seeing so many neat things. I can't wait to see your photos and you sound like you are doing well in your doll hunting too!


Anonymous said...

dear houbs,
K is moping a bit, yesterday she seemed like she had forgotten you were missing, but today her memmory is back. I think she's getting fatter, Paul pointed that out and the more I look, the more chub I see. That's good, bec that means she's eating! Paul also reminded me that she is not getting her walks, bec we are not feeding her any people food except sometimes some shreds of chicken. So we've started playing chase. This is sat, July 21 and there is a garbage strike... Paul is learning his lines well, and almost stopped eating with excitement due to his coming play. I heard from mummsy you loved france, I hope you love wales as much. Call us!!!