Sunday, July 15, 2007

What to pack for Europe...

Tee heee...Linda, so you packed too much for 4 days? Try 23 days in a tiny suitcase. I actually think my suitcase is too big as it's a bit wide to fit under the train seats. Next time I'll pack LESS clothes if I return in the summer. I packed too many socks and too much underwear.

When you travel in Europe, you need one pair of EXCELLENT walking shoes. Mine are OK. I'm going to have to invest in something better than gym shoes when I get back home. I've been using my comfortable leather sandals for the past 2 days because of the heat. For some odd reason my feet are the things that perspire although yesterday everything was!

Here is what you should take to Europe: 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of underwear that dry quickly (I hand wash in the sink each night and it dries by the next day) 3 pairs of socks if it's hot, more if it's the winter, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 2 skirts (if you're female), 3 tops. You should also bring a light weight umbrella (mine fits in my purse) as it comes in handy! I've used it a lot. I also brought a light weight hat that I used for our invigourating bike ride. Also take a small bottle of shampoo, although the hotels do have it. B & B's don't. I took my own hand soap as I have eczema. Also any lotions and creams you use at home, as the stores are quite different here and things are hard to find, especially on foot!

Robert walked to the large grocery store last night to get water and milk, and alas, it's closed all day on Sunday. The shops are open from 10 - 5 on all the other days. I still haven't found any Heerlen souvenirs as we're never hear when anything is open!

No, I haven't yet got sick of my wardrobe as I packed too much! But I do miss some of my other colours. * smile * When you actually get here, it's too exciting to begin a new day full of sights and sounds and smells, to even think about clothes. Yesterday I wore my light weight socks with my sandals. I must have looked a sight, but you should see some of the sights here!

We've only seen 1 beggar in the whole 12 days we've been here. Everything is quite clean. I've only used spotless washrooms so far, except on the trains, and those aren't as bad as I've read about.

Each Dutch home I've been in so far (4 in total) has a tiny waashroom with a toilet, and a teeny weeny sink with a cold tap and usually NO SOAP. It sets my hair on end as I never feel clean without soap and hot water, so another thing to bring with is hand sanitzer! I've nearly used mine up, but never fear I have more!


Write 2 The Point said...

Oh boy Loretta, no hand soap, that would drive me insane too. I used to hate going camping "up north" in Wisconsin because it was so rugged--an outhouse, bathing in the river, pumping water at a park and carrying it to our cabin, etc. yuck. Ever since we used to do this in my childhood, I have been a prissy traveler and like lots of clothes, makeup and other acouterments. I'd love to travel with you Loretta, but I would need a pack mule LOL
Where are you off to today? I love your stories and can't wait to see all the pictures.
Love, Karen

Linda said...

Oh boy, what a tattletale that Karen is!!! Haha Of course I packed too much for Harrison. It is what I do best!!! The weather was weird up there..raining sometimes, high winds almost all the time and mosquitoes and horseflies that bite hard!!! And the food was hard to come by and extremely expensive. It has changed a lot since last year in many ways. Internet access is difficult there now also. I am so happy to hear you are doing so well! It sounds like you are having a great time. We met a family in Harrison who are there for three weeks until their plane leaves to take them to their new life in Spain. They are going there to live for 3 years, they have 4 children. I was trying to explain to Dakotah that they were going to Europe like Auntie Retta. Well, I am really enjoying hearing about your trip! I wish you could post pictures from there onto the blog!!