Sunday, August 12, 2007

Treharris Street, Cardiff, Wales

Here I am, standing in front of #4A Treharris Street, where my paternal Grandma, Alma May (Palmer) Williams was born in 1908. I'm astonished that the houses have not been torn down. They are so well made.
You know, I'm rather sick and tired of hearing about our so called "carbon footprint" lately. The Welsh people are content to live as they have lived in the past, without many changes, but in Canada and the USA, everyone pulls down perfectly good houses, and builds monsterous ones that use tons more light and energy, yet they don't think anything about it, nor do they feel one pang of guilt.
I grew quite fond of European and the British way of living.


Anonymous said...

Well, I always said I wanted to live in your garage, but you haven't upgraded it yet for us...

Gladys said...

Wales must be like Scotland in that they keep and remodle old homes. The farm house my mother was born 1901 is still standing and the barn which has my uncle's initials in a barn post dating back to the late 1800's.

Anonymous said...

Hello Loretta, Robert and Matthew
With a lot of interest we read your adventures in Europe on your weblog since the time you all left Nijmegen. It was a really wet adventure. We enjoyed the stories and the wonderful pictures you took especially in Bath. Once I made a travel of 3 weeks through Great Britain by bike and spend a whole week in Bath. I really loved that place. Wonderful architecture, nice surroundings.
We hope you are all well and have a lot of fun with the memories of your Europe-tour.
You are always welcome to visit us again in Nijmegen.
Annet, Sjang, Vera and Roos

Bob said...

Hi Loretta,

I was just browsing the census of 1901 and saw that my Great Grandmother, Mathilde Pryce, who was from Bilbao, was staying at the very same house!The Stickler family seemed to be living there at the you know anything about any of these families?? Many thanks and keep up th blog!