Sunday, August 12, 2007

Full day in Paris

(copied from my notes taken in Europe, dated: Wed July 18)

We are on top of a tour bus beside the Eiffel tower. The line to get up the tower is enormous! I don't think I could go up it even if it was free! It's positively HUGE. Everything here is so different than what I imagined. I really like it here!

The architecture is so neat; no high rises except one and it's in the distance. I just saw two armed soldiers with machine guns walk past. 50 tons of paint is used every 7 years to redo the Eiffel tower.

We're eating lunch at a cafe across from the Louvre. The bustle of people and traffic is astounding. They weave in and out without rhyme or reason and I'm amazed that no one crashes.

We're resting by the Seine after a 2 hour wander through the Louvre. Wow, it's better than I ever imagined. I saw the Mona Lisa, the "lace maker" by Vermeer, paintings by Botticelli, Napoleon Bonaparte's apartments, to name a few high lights. Everything is so HUGE here, with wide open spaces. We went inside a pyramid shaped building to go through security, the down an escalator to buy our tickets. (9 Euros each) There were mobs and mobs of people, and no air conditioning. I loved everything in the Louvre. I was astonished at the sights.

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