Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Liege, Belgium

Apparently the steps in the steep hillside of Liege are famous. Being fools with nothing better to do, we climbed them all. Afterwards I had blisters and could hardly move.

So what else do you do while on vacation in Europe? It was 30 C.

We saw this adorable cat after we climbed down from the hill another way. I wish I could have curled up and slept too!

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Happy @/*_*\@ said...

Hi loretta - it looks like you are having so much fun visiting all those lovely places, of course you can have some of my pics of camping, its very nice of you to ask, please do keep in touch, keep visiting and telling us about all those wonderful places - and well done to you for atempting all those stairs - Id of asked for the lift! or someone to give me a piggy back!!! take care - luv happy @/*-*\@ xx