Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Haworth continued...

This is the little path behind the parsonage (you can see it in the distance) and later we found out this path is the one you take to get to the moors.
When we arrived in Haworth we rested briefly but Charlotte's ghost was calling me, so Robert and I walked to the parsonage just behind our rooms, across a parking lot. (a parking lot does NOT belong here, but I suppose it's necessary)
We wandered down from it, across a field, with tiny gardens on one side. We turned around and went to the grave yard on the other side of the parsonage, passing the school on the left where Charlotte taught for a while.
It's so close to the parsonage. A narrow lane separates the two buildings. I was amazed at how close everything is! We went into the graveyard and a path beckoned to me. It was quite muddy but I stepped along on gravestones. The path ended at a wall with a plaque saying that the Brontes walked through a gate here to church. Cool! They all went through the gate to their final resting place in the church. Tomorrow we will tour the parsonage and the moors.
I called Mom and Leona tonight, from a phone booth next to the Bull's

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Aleta said...

My computer died, but Jim brought home a laptop today from work. I'm trying to keep up with your blog. It's so interesting! Betty