Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Haworth, England

This is one of the first things I saw in Haworth!
(after we'd rested a bit in our B & B)

Taken from my notes, Monday July 23:

It's pouring out. We're all packed and just about to have a taxi called. I'm sick of the rain plus not feeling peppy at all today. I'm glad I'll be on the train today!

Later: We caught the train to Bristol Parkway at 9:26 and arrived at 10:15. It's very cold on the small platform at Bristol. I'm wearing my green hoodie again. Robert for some unknown reason is wearing SHORTS. I wish I had pants. The rain is blowing in and hitting my bare leg as I only have Capris. I feel a tad waterlogged on this holiday. I must become resigned but am not sure how! I hope Yorkshire is better than this. It was interesting to be here but too wet.

Hmm...we're not off to a good start. The next train was jammed full of people and we had to stand for a long time. After one hour, I got a seat, but Robert and Matthew had to wait for two hours! There were no trains through here since Friday because of the flooding. We got to a town called Derby at 1:10 and it's pouring rain. We can't get to the cafe because of the mobs of people standing in the aisles. Somehow we never learn to buy lunch at the train station before boarding!

Later: We reached Sheffield at 1:40. Two more stops to go until Leeds, where we disembark.

We got to Leeds at 2:10. I had a baquette in a delicious pub in the station. Boarded a new looking train to go to Keighley, 1/2 hour away.

We had to take a bus to Haworth as the steam train was a one hour wait. Haworth is different than I imagined, just like everything else! It's so steep and tiny and stoney! Our guesthouse is very nice. Matthew has his own room, down two steps from ours with a bookshelf in the hallway. He's reading an Agatha Christie book. I'm still plowing through Harry Potter.

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