Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pictures of #15 Wyndham Street

Here I am at last...#15 Wyndham Street in Penygraig. We don't know where my great grandfather used to go to work in the coal mines with his two oldest sons, but my grandma wrote in her memoirs that each evening they would come home singing. What a sound that must have been! The hills would echo with it. I would love to hear it. The work was so hard, yet they still sang.

I took one photo inside, of the fireplace that my great Uncle Norman Palmer remembers his mother cooking at. I tried to imagine it but couldn't. One of my Dad's cousins said she saw this house about 20 years ago, and it was very run down. It looks so nice now. It makes me happy to think it's still standing.

I've added the 1915 photo showing my grandma as a little girl of 7, in the doorway. But upon reflection, and a document that I've since acquired, I don't think this is the same house. I think it's the house in Trealaw. * sigh * That is the address on little Stanley's burial certificate. Maybe one day I'll return...

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Write 2 The Point said...

Loretta, I think next to my doggie, I missed your blogs the most! Great pictures and descriptions as always--wonderful job