Friday, October 31, 2008


Here it is, the big day at last! It's a wild wet stormy day where we live, although quite warm outside. I've taken everyone's name from the comments in my 100th post, and I've written them out on slips of paper. I will get some help in drawing the winner from the cauldron/pumpkin later on this evening, when it's truly spooky outside, and the sun has set.

I do hope my internet doesn't crash in the middle. I've been without internet service all week, on and off, and it's like losing part of me! Isn't that odd?

It's now quite late at night; the ghosts, black angels and goblins have all disappeared from the street, so now it's time to make the big draw.

Samantha was going to use her cauldron but there were soooo many names, she had to use a big pumpkin bucket! She had a friend help her choose.

And the winner is:

Congratulations, Ana! I'll try emailing you at your blog, if you haven't checked this by tomorrow. I've never had a blog give a way before, so we're quite excited!


Ana Balbinot said...

Hi Loretta! I'm sooooo happy !!!
Thanks very much for the prize! Its an honor!

Ana B. said...

Dear Loretta,
Today I received my gift, and I love it!
Thanks very much! I also post about your kindness. Please come to visit my blog and see.Tomorrow, 14 Nov, the post named A beleza da Gentileza (The beauty of kindness) is about your blog's prize.