Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I'm way behind in blogging and I was going to be so good and keep it up! But something happened in November which made me forget all about spending time blogging. Our only son found a place to rent, and he informed us on Nov 26 that he would be moving out on the 29th. He's only 19 and I felt that was too young but we raised him to be independent, and so he flew the nest and is now in a basement suite with a buddy.

He's only 2 blocks away, but when you've known someone for 19 years and lived with them for that long, it's rather lonesome when they suddenly vanish. We see him about twice a week. He was here for dinner on Tuesday, so he's still alive. He's a great cook, but when I asked how he was doing, he admitted he had run out of groceries and was down to the basics. Oh well...

On another note, we are in the middle of an arctic air flow, with 3" of snow still left on the ground from Wednesday's snow storm, which was beautiful. However I was getting a bad sore throat on that day, so I had to enjoy the storm from inside. Usually I love to walk in it and take photos. I seem to have picked up "The Thing".

A kind friend told me I should update this blog. So that's what I'm doing. I'm way behind. But after grieving for 2 days for Matthew, I turned his bedroom into a craft/sewing room. I'll post a picture soon. I've enjoyed making most of my Christmas cards in there. Now I'm in the middle of wrapping presents. There are 3 under the tree. I spent 2 days in bed, but I'm feeling better today.

We are getting more snow tomorrow evening and on Sunday. My kind hubby went grocery shopping today, so I think we're prepared for the storm. It's supposed to snow all next week too, which is very unusual for us. We'll have a white Christmas!

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DayDream said...

Thanks for the update! Enjoyed the Chatty Christmas I wouldn't get too comfortable in that new craft/sewing room. In my experience they usually come back at least once before they're gone for good. Betty