Friday, January 23, 2009

Books and libraries

Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch

Alas, I'm not a speedy reader, but reading is one of my passions. My hubby and my son can read a book in one day. My son read the last Harry Potter book in one day, when we bought it in Cardiff Wales in 2007. It took me a few days, nearly a week. I love to devour each word, and savour the flavour. Would you believe I've read 2 books already this month? I just finished reading "Callander Square", the second in the Charlotte/Pitt novels by Anne Perry, written in 1980. I'm in a Victorian era mood.

Yesterday I went to the main library downtown, in the freezing swirling fog. I took the Skytrain and got off at Stadium, but it's a quicker walk if you get off at Granville! I hadn't been there for two years, as I always go to Metrotown Library in Burnaby. It's situated in a unique building, which looks like a Roman Colosseum. It was designed by architect Moshe Safdie. Click here for more info. See photos below.

I met my hubby for lunch. He works in the United Kingdom building at Hastings and Granville, which is the same building I had my first job in back in 1978! I worked on the 13th floor at Canarim Investment Co, and he works for Fusionware on the 11th floor. His company is relocating on the weekend, so it was my last time to meet him for lunch downtown. We ate at Steamworks in Gastown. It has the most delicious food. I will miss going there.
Inside the library. I love how it feels in here.
Outside the main door. It's such a different style.

You enter through that passageway.

Across the street.

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Linda said...

Your outing sounds like it was fun! Is that the place you and I ate at one time? Now that Robert is moving office's my way, maybe we can do some stuff around New Westminster now and then (you and I, I mean...LOL)...if it warms up someday, it is lovely to walk at the Quays and look at all the pretty gardens...and don't forget we have a "date" for May Day in Queen's Park this year if the weather is good!